Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

I arrived yesterday in Washington, DC via Dulles International Airport. I decided to spend the night at Staybridge Suites, near the airport (btw, very nice and very comfortable place. I am definitely suggesting it). The purpose of the trip its a talk that I will give this Tuesday. Anyway, the reason that I am writing this post its not the conference; its my visit at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum , near the Airport (there is one more near the Capitol in Washington, DC but I didn’t visit it… yet).

I have to say that most of all, I will remember the moment that I saw Enola Gay. The plane that dropped the 1st atomic bomb in the history of mankind. The plane that actually put the world in a new terrifying era. Today, that we know how many people suffered from that action and even knowing the numbers, we can’t imagine the horror of the moment. Looking at the plane… you are feeling something strange, awkward. I saw even Americans starring it for more than 10 minutes without saying any word.

Still, is a very unique piece of history.

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